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Students and experts join hands to map Mumbai's open, green spaces

Students and experts join hands to map Mumbai's open, green spaces
The project will map areas such as the city's green lung Aarey Colony, which was under the threat of destruction due to plans of extensive development in DP 2034. File pic. From next week, students of architectural studies, urban planners, social …
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Create and share concept maps online with CmapTools
CmapTools is a free cross-platform application (Windows, OS X, iPad) for creating and sharing concept maps, structured diagrams which represent various concepts and show how they're linked. Essentially they're a simple type of mind map which can help …
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First of its kind bug map for Dubai residents
DUBAI Dubai residents can now access a first of its kind map to know which pests exist in which parts of the city. Drawn up by facilities and waste management major Imdaad and pest control and home service company, the recently released …

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