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Palm Beach County is 'perfect storm' of human trafficking

Palm Beach County is 'perfect storm' of human trafficking
Pino, who heads up an investigative team that probes human trafficking cases from Fort Pierce to Key West, said Mexican drug cartels traffic farm workers and prostitutes in the western parts of Palm Beach County. Closer to the beaches, workers are …
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We're the world's worst drivers, OK?
Your bursts of speed are not sustainable; you can only travel at such speeds for only small distances, usually only 5km and then you are slowed down or stopped altogether either by other traffic, farm animals or other obstacles on the roads. Our roads …
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Castle & Cooke filing could help farmers
Nearly 60 small farmers on Oahu could become eligible for state financial benefits under a move by a major Hawaii landowner that has applied to dedicate farmland for potentially perpetual agricultural use under a relatively new state law. Landowner …
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