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Lightning Motorcycle to unveil LS-218 Superbike this weekend

Lightning Motorcycle to unveil LS-218 Superbike this weekend
SAN CARLOS, Calif. – Lightning Motorcycle said it will reveal its LS-218 electric Superbike this weekend at the Quail Motorsport Gathering in Carmel. According to the company, a more affordable line of production sportbikes is in the works, including a …
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Yamaha's new SR400 is ultimate bare-bones machine
CYPRESS, Calif. – Yamaha is bringing an unusual machine to the U.S. for the first time. While custom retro-bike fans will likely recognize it, the new SR400 will be quite a system shock for buyers. Built around a reasonably lightweight air-cooled 399cc …
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Reginald Chance Had Key Role In NYC SUV Assault, According To District
The motorcyclists chased Lien, off the highway and onto a street, then attacked him when he got stuck in traffic. Chance's bike was knocked down along the way, when other bikers tried to get at the SUV and it drove on, Watts said. Later, after the SUV …
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