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Growth of 4-lanes raises dangers

Growth of 4-lanes raises dangers
A sprayer crosses U.S. Highway 30 near Nevada as a semi prepares to enter traffic. Carol Miller, who farms near here in Story County, is concerned motorists on the busy highway will not give farm vehicles adequate attention, compromising farmer safety.
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Oil Spill On Mississippi Continues To Plague Barge Traffic
Crews are still working to contain an oil spill caused by a barge accident on the Mississippi River this week, stopping traffic and closing off a key thoroughfare for agricultural exports. The spill was caused Sunday when an oil tanker carrying …
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Farmers concerned about safe travels while on road
With the increased road traffic farm machinery faces, manufacturers are designing equipment to move safely between fields. Kail Schoen with Landoll Corp. explains at the National Farm Machinery Show how tires need to be sturdy enough to withstand road …
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